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We are business Professionals with over 70 years combined experience, we are Accomplished auctioneers and appraisers of a wide variety of personal property and real estate and our services are very Competitive given the advanced technology we employ to sell your consignments.

Auction Services:
We provide full auction services Click to

Auctions are romantic, theatrical, price setting performances. Property sold at auction can bring more net cash than you are asking because of competitive bidding. It gives equal opportunity to any number of people to increase their bids until the highest price is achieved.

When we sell at auction, the “spot light” of publicity is thrown on your property setting it out above all the others on that day. Auctions are very flexible and can be conducted with only a few buyers or to a crowd of thousands. Auctions are a quick way to convert your property to cash. You can choose a date to sell your property that is convenient for you.

Auctions have been used for commodity selling for centuries: grain, tobacco, livestock, wool and stocks (New York Exchange) and to help balance business inventories i.e. automobile dealer auctions. Anything and everything can and has been sold through an auction.

Auctions are popular because they are the fairest method for establishing a fair market value. Stretching limited dollars is important and auctions permit the average buyer to purchase merchandise at reasonable and competitively determined prices.

We are convinced there is no other method of marketing available to a seller which can obtain the best possible price, dispose of all the property for sale and produce cash all in one day but the auction way.

Auctioneers actually breathe life into everything being sold through advertising, colorful descriptions, engaging chants and the energizing atmosphere they create during the auction.

Auctions are interesting “people events”. They are exciting and offer a form of entertainment not found at other types of sales. Each auctioned item offers a new chance to win for the bidder whether an auction veteran or first time buyer.

Appraisal Services:

Whether you are settling an estate, downsizing or just curious about your properties worth, we will answer your questions regarding personal property valuation and help you determine the true value of your possessions. We provide expertise, guidance and support to clients requiring valuation or the selling of personal property. Click to read more...

As personal property appraisers, we are able to discuss with you the valuation method which best applies to your needs. Our appraisers and experienced associates work with executors, financial planners, homeowners, insurance companies and attorneys to help establish the value of personal property for probate, estate, inheritance or estate purposes.

Personal property is defined as tangible, movable property that is utilitarian, collectible, decorative or a combination of these three. This definition includes items such as paintings, antiques, furniture, clocks, photography, posters, toys, commercial advertising, musical instruments, watercraft, automobiles, flatware, jewelry and more.

An appraisal is a legal document or a verbal opinion which describes property and estimated value. Our goal is to make things clear and easy to interpret. We’ll deliver an independent, unbiased and concise evaluation of the value of your items that conforms to the current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

The fees associated with an appraisal involve an hourly charge for on-site examination of the property, market research and valuation, written documentation and photos. We offer both verbal and written appraisals based on your particular requirements.

Additional fees, over and above the hourly charges, may be assessed for extensive research on rare or unique items, the use of outside consultants, courtroom testimony or travel time.

For written appraisals, we require a signed contract and a retainer to cover initial expenses; balances are charged upon completion of the written documents. An estimate of the total charges will be provided following the examination of the item(s).

Having extensive experience in the auction industry, we bring to our work a comprehensive overview of the venues in which our clients purchase and sell their items. Through the appraisal practice, we offer thoughtful and practical guidance to help our clients choose the options best for them (e.g. downsizing or cleaning clutter, selling and donating).

PAC is prepared to help you with a Personal Property appraisal whenever you have any of the following needs:
To learn about an item
To sell an item
To satisfy the IRS when making charitable contributions or paying estate taxes
To divide property equitably for estate or divorce purposes
To assist with estate planning and establish net worth.

Real Estate Services:
We have the experience and know-how to help you sell your property quickly and save you money in the process. Selling costs are minimal. We do not charge the seller a commission and there is very little closing cost. There are no appraisals, inspections, or repairs required. We sell the property in as is, where is, and how is condition with no warranties to the buyer. And as such, there are no appraisals, inspections, or repairs required. Click to read more...

Our goal is to sell your property using the best means available and reach interested buyers that are ready and waiting to bid. All advertisement will be discussed with the home owners. We have options to fit your budget.  We utilize the internet in a variety of ways along with newspaper and large signage to showcase your home. We show your property by appointment only, therefore you can keep track of the traffic looking at your property. We have conducted thousands of auctions for home owners as well as City and County governments.

Your property is our priority and we will make every effort to sell your property at the best price on the day of auction. Advertising costs are paid by the seller at the time of contract. If we do not spend all of the budgeted advertising money it is returned to the sellers. Major credit cards accepted. A non refundable 10% down payment is required from the buyer on the day of auction, and they must close within 30 days. We protect the seller’s interests by allowing a reserve price to be placed on their property in most cases.

For additional information about the auction method or advertising optons contact PAC  at !!! to set up an appointment. You can also email us. Check out our website and review our current online auctions as well as some of our past auction results